A Big ALL & NEVER Mess!

To the Editor,

Unlike former President Bill Clinton, who weaseled his way through the Monica Lewinsky scandal by questioning the meaning of “is”, Marion Mohri seems to be having less success with her own choice of words, namely “ALL” and “NEVER.”

All because she quoted Jesus Christ in a 7/6/19 LTE - “Whatever you do to the least of these my brothers and sisters you do to me,” Matthew 25:40. And then followed with her own opinion by saying, “I don’t believe God could be any more clear that He wants ALL of His children treated with dignity and respect.” Which happens to raise the perfectly legitimate question:

Does “ALL” include God’s unborn children, as well as the immigrants being discussed in her letter? If it does include them, then Marion wasn’t being honest in her subsequent 7/13 letter. Where she claimed she has “NEVER ONCE” expressed her opinion on the subject of abortion, as if the dignity and respect of the unborn had nothing to do with such.

Like it or not, Mohri expressed an opinion of them. If it was a false opinion, she has no one to blame but herself. And if it doesn’t include them, then she’s not being honest about her use of the word “ALL”. Which she emphasized with capital letters to presumably mean ALL.

Either way, Mohri looks rather silly accusing Jay Iselin and myself of “making up lies.”

While she plays pretend with words. If “ALL” doesn’t mean ALL, then for crying out loud qualify it, so the rest of us know that you don’t mean what your saying. That’s better than saying you “NEVER ONCE” publicly expressed your opinion on abortion, when your use of “ALL” without a qualifier indicates otherwise. Maybe we’re supposed to believe God doesn’t have any unborn children, or that it would have been okay for

Mary to have aborted baby Jesus? Who knows? If we can’t take “ALL” in the literal sense, anything goes, as well as the credibility of the one who said it. What is manifestly clear here is that Marion doesn’t know beans about logic, theology, or what a reasonable path of discourse is. If she did, she could have avoided the pitfalls of check-mating herself and making false accusations about us, but she didn’t. Instead, she used the words ALL and NEVER carelessly at her own expense, and probably curried the favor of a lot of gullible people as well.


Ronald Powers



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