A Covid Saga

To the Editor:

The first call came at 12:45 a.m. My sister Carolyne had been air-flighted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Whoa. What on Earth are you talking about? I just talked to her last week. She said that she had a few cold symptoms but sounded fine. Her husband was taking her to their local hospital in northern Wisconsin. She lost consciousness in the car…

The doctors at the hospital felt the need to get her to Mayo as quickly as possible. Although all of my information is second and third hand, it appears that her heart stopped three times in flight but she arrived at Mayo alive.

The next call said she is “gone.” Poof! Just like that, my sister is no longer alive. How can this be? I have a million questions. The answers trickle in. She had been ill for several days with shortness of breath and respiratory distress. My other sister and I know that she is a retired Respiratory R.N. and feel certain that she knew exactly what was going on. I am guessing that she was hoping to make it through Thanksgiving—but she waited too long.


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