A Free Speech Enthusiast

To the Editor:

Just in case some misguided free speech enthusiast thinks I was being anti-free speech in my LTE “Still Playing With Words,” think again. Any opinion that is based on false assumptions is groundless, regardless of one’s free speech rights. And the rights of free speech don’t provide the grounds for either a sensible opinion or a senseless one. All they do is provide a fleeting opportunity that could be lost to express one’s opinion, be it good or bad. So it’s a misnomer to assume that the right to express an opinion is “grounded” in the First Amendment right to free speech. No. It is not “grounded”. It is delicately held and cherished by people who love their God given freedoms, more than their lives. Therefore, if we don’t love our freedoms enough to use them, we’ll lose them.

Think about that, and then try to tell me I’m not a free speech enthusiast.

Ronald Powers

Waterford, Vermont


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