A Valentine for Jeff Cozzens

To the Editor:

Wow, it must be February. That’s my conclusion after reading the Valentine that the Cal-Rec gave Jeff Cozzens about his plan to run for Congress.

Sure looked like the reporter was just taking dictation. Not one hard question.

Here are some childishly simple ones: Who won the election? What is your opinion on the January 6th assault on Congress? Was it insurrection? If not, why not? What is your position on the Voting Rights Bill? Did Trump commit treason by sending a mob to the Capitol? If not, why not?

There are plenty more questions for Mr. Cozzens, but you get the idea.

The Cal-Rec has done some wonderful reporting or The North Country. This wasn’t one of those cases.

Chris Jensen

Bethlehem, N. H.


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James Nagle

Has he actually read the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire and the Constitution of the United States of America? Would he defend the documents in public and will he defend our inalienable rights and our Republic? All other matters are moot until a clear understanding of his support for our uniquely American System of government and way of life is paramount to all things. "The Constitution is the guide I shall never abandon". - General George Washington, American Patriot and Founding Father. Anyone preaching division at this moment in time is an enemy to America.

Jon Swan

North Country voters would like to know if he is for or against the Casella landfill project next to Forest Lake State Park.

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