Actions without consequences

To the Editor:

On Aug. 27, 2019 I read an article in The Caledonian-Record on page A2 titled “Weekend High Speed Pursuit Suspect Arraigned,” with some significant disappointment in our court/justice system.

The young man who was the topic of the article has a fairly lengthy record with the court system and the police. A short summary of the offense listed for this event are: resisting arrest, three counts of violating condition of release from a previous appearance in the court system, felony operation of a motor vehicle without owner consent, (when I grew up many years ago this was simply called auto theft), and helping the juvenile operate a stolen vehicle.

What I am having trouble understanding is the court system apparently attempted to release him but held him only because the court could not locate an approved custodian with whom he could reside.

When are we going to learn that each criminal action committed should have a consequence attached to it? One that is designed to make the offender think twice about a future contemplated actions or misdeeds.

Further on in the day’s paper was an article about a man in the Derby/Newport area who made very serious threats of violence by firearm against a local store. This person was thankfully held in custody. With the current misuse of firearms by unstable people we do not need him back on the street. I believe both anti-gun and pro-gun people can agree on this. A suggestion for a portion of the consequence assigned to this person could be a tattoo across his forehead stating “I cannot have a gun.” Go into a gun store and try to fill out the background check form with that on your forehead. Cruel and unusual punishment may be to some but may be fitting to many others.

William N. Clewes

Littleton, N.H.


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