All Evidence To The Contrary

To the Editor:

Paul Corbeil wrote (True Friends, 5/15/19) about a President he sees as imperfect but who sincerely cares for America. Paul contends that Trump “has been severely mistreated and maligned with dishonesty and propaganda from the left.” Not surprisingly, he failed to provide a single example to support his contention.

Paul wrote that the standard of a true friendship is living a righteous life and encouraging others to do the same, never being deceitful and being faithful to the end. Then, in some bizarre fashion, Paul suggests that Donald Trump fits that description.

Apparently Paul is not aware of Trump’s anything but righteous life…hookers and adultery, failure to pay contractors in his real estate business which also discriminated against African-Americans, and his fraudulent “University” that paid $25M in damages because it was, in fact, a total fraud. That’s just for starters. Paul ignores Trump’s deceitfulness…more than 10K lies to the American people since his inauguration according to Glen Kessler, the Washington Post fact-checker. Paul writes that friends don’t lie but then refers to Trump (with his 10K+ lies) as a friend. Paul contradicts himself!

Paul sees the USA as a “nation created by the inspiration of God our Father.” Really? Our founding fathers and those in power in the following years almost decimated the Native American population living on the land now known as the United State. In our Country’s early beginnings, for more than 100 years, buying and selling human beings as property was legal. Don’t drag God into that abominable behavior. I suspect God was appalled at the way our forefathers treated Native Americans and African Americans who were then and still are His people. God is good! He could not condone or inspire Evil.

As for Paul’s statement that Trump “cares for America,” evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. Trump announced he will not work with Democrats on infrastructure or anything else while the House of Representatives is investigating him. The House and Senate have a Constitutional duty to provide oversight to the Executive Branch. Trump is basically saying, if Congress fulfills it’s Constitutional duty I won’t work with them and the American people can go to hell.

I would expect this behavior from a two-year old. I would not expect it from the President of the United States.

Marion Mohri

Wheelock, Vt.


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