Americans get out to vote

To the editor:

It won't be long now (May 19, 2012) when will come the day of the long-awaited Republican primary, when the elected delegates will elect a Presidential candidate to face Barack Obama in November. It's time to exhort all voting Republicans, Democrats and Independents, veterans, students, teachers, farmers etc., small business and regular people "minding their own business"... to come together as Americans and be part of the renewal and recuperation of all of our rights and freedoms as instituted by the founding fathers.

Legislation at the federal level, if we were to abide, have long set us all on a dangerous path; I am not talking about the inevitable economic collapse. The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) has set us up for indefinite detention and without due process. Two of our own representatives voted for it. Americans (you) have now becomes as insecure as I witnessed in Haiti under Martial Law. This is outrageous. The federal government rather takes it's marching orders from New York City, the U.N., the "mother ship" as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls it, than from WE THE PEOPLE. Why trade our own sovereignty for such tyranny and foreign domination?

In 1776, solutions to our problems did not originate from foreign institutions. We had our own Thomas Jefferson and others. The problems were from abroad. And so it is again in these years leading up to 2012.


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