Another Perspective on Catholic Church

To the Editor:

In response to your September 6 Editorial regarding sex abuse scandals by clergy in the Catholic Church: There is no excuse for the crimes and sins of the past by clergy, but these crimes are not attributable to the majority of clergy or to the full Catholic community. The only acceptable number of sexual abusers in any profession, church or organization is “zero”.

The Catholic Church is the largest religious and humanitarian aid organization in the world with some 1.2 billion members. It is made up of many faithful people who are genuine believers and who have formed vibrant worship communities, built hospitals, schools, housing and provide humanitarian aid and relief services in local communities and all over the world to the poorest, most vulnerable people of all faiths.

None of this can erase the horrible crimes of those who abused their power and the innocent children whom they victimized. Yet, in referring to the Church as a “criminal organization” and a “sex trafficking enterprise masquerading under the false cloak of faith” you make a serious blunder. In making that assertion, you implicate about 20% of you readers who self-identify as Catholic.

The assertion does not comport with the facts.

Such rhetorical excess is far below the professional standard of journalistic excellence that you are able to maintain; a standard which I expect of publications I read and take seriously.

Pete Gummere

St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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