To the Editor:

I wish to comment on teacher Connie Pound & #039;s comment that she does not wish to be compared with regular folks, i.e. those who work for a living, since she is a teacher and has a college degree. I thought this kind of arrogance was a thing of the past. Sadly, I guess it isn & #039;t - even in the peaceful surroundings of the Northeast Kingdom.

I, too, have a college education and beyond. I got my education by struggle, and I struggled because I had a goal, not because I felt I was worth more than anybody else, or that I think people who do not happen to have the goal that requires getting a college education are not worth as much as I am.

Last time I checked they have to eat, find shelter and be clothed, just like me. No wonder the public school system is in trouble, if this is the attitude of those teaching within it. How can a teacher have this kind of an attitude and relate to her students and especially to their parents, who just might happen to be among the "common working people?"

If Sept. 11 taught us anything, it taught us that life is precious, and that our worth as individuals in this country is one of our greatest values. You cannot put a price or a salary worth on a human being. Connie Pound needs some teaching herself, it seems to me. She needs to learn that those who work in endeavors other than teaching, are just as valuable to society as she is.


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