Attack on Sanders Campaign

To the Editor:

It is plain as day that the television networks are in the middle of a full bore attack on Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Presidential Campaign. Part of their strategy is to mold the word socialism into the dirtiest of words among those voters who are unsophisticated and able to be herded. The other major prong of their attack has to do with over and over again insisting that government run healthcare–for-all is both a fast track to bankruptcy for the federal government and an example of an agenda that is somehow to be regarded as extreme, reckless and irresponsible.

This is accomplished by all of the television networks in the subtlest of ways; often through carefully chosen words that cast scorn on Bernie and those of us who know he is true blue in his insightful criticisms of the current profits over people health care regime. The spin-doctors and talking heads that try to herd voters into conformity with the greed driven corporate agendas of the multi-billion dollar health care industry are relentless in their attacks on Bernie. They attempt to portray themselves as experts on how a responsible government should be conducted, so completely at the top of their field in television journalism that no one should dare question their motives or their integrity. These political analysts pretend that they are simply explaining what we the voters are deciding but they are really acting as herdsmen and herdswomen in narrowing the range of acceptable political outcomes on behalf of their mega-corporate employers.

If the television media spent even a tenth as much time examining Donald Trump’s agenda and working on explaining how his behavior is more or less fascist with a distinct liking for some of Hitler’s nazi tactics they might be retaining at least a small amount of credibility or integrity as journalists. Why is socialism being dragged through the manure pits while fascism is overlooked and even glorified by the television networks? Trump’s attention seeking bids to keep himself in front of the television cameras day in and day out are fawned over by a media that never seems to tire of his manipulations and totally divisive rhetorical gamesmanship.

Why does the media not point out how much of what is already taking place in the Untied States that everyone takes for granted and approves of is essentially socialist?? Socialist functions of our current government include the military, the police, public libraries, sewers, town and state road crews, state and federal prisons, public schools and so much more. Are citizens of the United States tuning in on their televisions sets ever reminded of these simple realities? Of course not! The conduct of the television news media has become a joke and the truth is the complete opposite of 100% of the nonsense that comes out of Trump’s mouth. The television news media, no matter what network you prefer, is increasingly supportive of one faction or another of fascism; either the corporate fascism of Joe Biden and the banks and major corporations funding him or the white supremacist KKK style fascism tilting towards neo-naziism of Donald Trump. That is what they so very much want to be the range of choices that will be provided to voters once November 2020 rolls around on the calendar.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule such as Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and of course Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! for any viewers wise enough to tune in to their highly commendable and courageous efforts. Sadly, nearly all of the rest of the spin-doctors have traded in their journalistic integrity in exchange for continued employment by the corporate bosses signing their paychecks.

Voters will need to awaken very rapidly if there is to be any hope to avoid the planet baking at increasingly high temperatures that will gradually destroy agriculture (the source of our food supply folks), create ever increasingly intense weather events, and lead to complete chaos as well as ungovernable and inhumane living conditions for one and all.

For democracy,

Bill Coleman

Newark, Vermont


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