Back to the Future

To the Editor:

Jon Avins (LTE 10/9/21) raises concerns that Jeff Cozzens has been exaggerating his national security experience. A quick internet search brought me to a biography of Jeff Cozzens on the Community College System of NH website ( Jeff appears to be a qualified and experienced research associate, who for his own reasons left DC and a promising career to spend more time with his family (I can definitely sympathize with the idea of leaving DC, mostly because of the traffic and the threat of terrorism). However, according to Mr. Cozzen’s online bio, he claims a leadership role outside the typical role of a research associate. I think skepticism is appropriate. Basically, Jeff, prove it!

The bio says Mr. Cozzens has written short monographs, book chapters, and peer-reviewed articles, so, as a way to dispel any notion that he is exaggerating his credentials, shouldn’t he release a list that can be reviewed? Perhaps, Jeff, you could publish the esteemed journal name(s) and article titles where you are listed as the first principle investigator?

In the end, no one really cares if Mr. Cozzens is padding his resume, after all, the Republicans are the party of “the Big Lie”, so Mr. Cozzens will fit right in if there are inconsistencies in his bio. Gimme that Koch brothers money that permeates George Mason University (another stop on Cozzens’ road through DC).

If Mr. Cozzens did actually have leadership experience in developing the United State’s disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush years, what does that say about his “leadership”?

A low level, or high level, operative, take your pick, in a corrupt network of grifters wants to get back in the game. God help us all.

Michael Scanlon

Littleton, N. H.


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