Be Not Idle

To the Editor:

A very timely article appeared in the most recent issue ( July 2021 ) of THE NORTH STAR of Danville, Vermont.

“ July 6, 1833

Occupation – The true cure for maladies such as yours is employment. ‘Be not solitary, be not idle.’ Rely upon it , life was not given to be spent in dreams and reverie, but for active, useful exertion that turns to some account to ourselves, and after a certain time of life, when the character has taken its ply, it is idle to attempt to change it.”

So, it seems, to this reader of the paper versions of the Caledonian-Record and the North Star, that even 188 years ago, there were those that preferred to be idle. I would expect that the difference was that the idle folks of yesteryear were not getting government handouts or abodes as they are today.

Often, I wonder, how many of our “HELP WANTED” signs would be removed if the young, idle people walking our streets had the initiative to take on some labor that would provide them with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

A true inspiration to me is the “young fella” in St. Johnsbury Center who runs up the hill to his home after painting on his church in the village. He is never idle. He knows the sense of accomplishment. He graduated from the St. Johnsbury Trade School in 1944 and, we expect to see him at our alumni association reunion luncheon on July 24th.


Andy Dussault

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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