Beware of A Second Term

To the Editor:

Not sure this letter will make it to the press before election day but I am compelled to get this out of my system. Trump continues to say that the only way he will lose is by voter fraud (“cheat with the ballots”) by the Democrats and therefore he will contest the election. To me, the only way Trump can win is to “cheat with the ballots” by his minions.

I think most Americans, Democrat and (true) Republican alike, are very nervous about a Trump second term. He has even said, in the not-so-distant past, that he might seek a third term! Those of us who know human history can recall lots of names of authoritarian rulers who have made their countries/empires unrecognizable to those who live there. A Trump second term would be along those lines for certain.

Trump’s followers are convinced that he is correct regarding foul play by the opposition and likely would follow him right down to the bowels of Hell. Those of us with a saner point of view need to be prepared for difficulty at minimum and God-knows-what at maximum. Would that he would just lose and go off to Mar-a-Lago in his final 78 days, whining all the way, of course! I don’t think it will be that easy.


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