Biden’s Top Ten Blunders

To the Editor:

This could have been a top 50 list as there are so many to choose from.

1. He stated in his Inaugural Address “my whole soul is bringing America together, uniting our people and nation.” Really??

2. He destroyed our energy independence and canceled the Keystone Pipeline and oil exploration in the Arctic, costing tens of thousands of jobs and made us dependent on OPEC once again.

3. Rejoined the Iran Nuclear deal, which will result in Iran becoming a nuclear power.

4. Failed to stand up to China on all fronts.

5. Continues to give money to people for staying home and doing nothing, thus destroying our work ethic, forcing small business closures and resulting in shortages and delays on just about everything.

6. Failed to secure our southern border, allowing tens of thousands of illegals to enter the country every month, including MS-13, Covid positives, criminals and most likely Middle Eastern terrorists, costing taxpayers billions.

7. Bankrupting America, and lying about the true and complete content of his legislation, much of which is simply a Democratic stratagem to garner votes.

8. The Afghan debacle.

9. He has lost the respect of the world for the US.

10. He his unable or unwilling to admit his own weaknesses and incompetence. Even members of his own party are calling for his removal from office.

Ron Willoughby

North Haverhill, N. H.


(1) comment

Ronald Fredricks

I could not have said it better, Ron!

And the list goes on and on.

Thank you Mr. Willoughby, hope to see you publish more content like this soon!

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