Biden, Shame On You

To the Editor:

President Biden said yesterday that Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for allowing states like Georgia protect to use their Constitutional rights to protect right of legitimate voters. But it is shame on you, Mr. Biden, who represented Delaware for 50 years and did not lift a finger to have Delaware voting right be as unrestrictive as Georgia.

In Georgia you can vote 17 days early before election day. In Delaware there is no early voting allowed. In Georgia there is no need to have an excuse to use an absentee ballot. In Delaware, you need a legitimate excuse to use an absentee ballot. In Georgia there are drop boxes provided all over the state to deposit absentee ballots. In Delaware there are no drop boxes available for an absentee ballot. It is harder to vote in Biden’s Delaware than Georgia.

Biden went on to call the voter registration rights as Jim Crow laws 2021. He is right about it but the Jim Crow type voter laws are in Biden’s state of Delaware. Mr. Biden stop playing the role of a victim, blaming someone else for your poor policies. This is the same President who passed the Major Crime Bill that is proportionately were unfair to people of color. Biden is the same Senator who eulogized Senator Harry Byrd, a former Klu Klux Klan member.

Mr. President, we need victors in the White House not leaders who act like victims.

Joseph Mendola

Warner, N. H.


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