Big Wind projects

To the Editor:

A recent study on the effects of Big Wind Projects on property values came out of California last month and could not find a correlation between Big Wind Projects and declining property values. It is difficult to believe a study funded entirely by a government agency promoting Big Wind would not try to dispel the "myth" that Big Wind diminishes property values. The research done by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Vermont's wind projects and wind projects in New England in general were excluded from this project, because of their rural location. Measuring property values by sales alone would have excluded the Nelsons and the Therriens from this survey. The creators of this study tout this survey as being comprehensive when, in fact, a smaller, more focused study would have produced very different results.

The Nelsons and Therriens must be elated that, in spite of periods of unbearable noise and wind developers' reluctance to even acknowledge that their wind projects are creating unhealthy impacts, at least their property values have not suffered in the process. Studies like this have no intention of weighing in on impacts from wind projects, nor do they make any distinction between people living within one mile of a wind project and people living as far as ten miles away from that same project.


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