To the Editor:

In Friday, Aug. 27, Free Press, the editorial was about paying for Vermont\'s aging roads.

There is now a committee studying the problem and trying to come up with answers.

One suggested possibility was to dedicate all funds generated by the gas tax and all other motor vehicle fees to transportation projects.

Why wasn\'t this done from day one?

No, we had one administration (and I have a good idea which one) with its Democratic-loaded legislature that decided to \steal\ $39 million annually to put into the Education Department.

No connection there to roads or bridges. Then we have Howie Dean, who kept taking out millions of dollars for very expensive bicycle bridges and paths all over the state. He would have loved to do away with all roads and had nothing but bike paths and bridges over the entire state. Then, also throw in his choo-choo trains, also funded with gas and auto taxes.

What we need is an administration and legislature full of people with enough backbone to put this money back where it belongs, for roads and bridges only.

While we\'re at it, let\'s get rid of the Conservation Law Foundation and all the other environmental terrorists who hold up every project, causing more wasteful tax dollars.

These people are more dangerous than al-Qaida ever was.

Let\'s have those people who want bicycle paths pay for them like the snowmobilers do with their trails. They have to register their machines and they do buy gasoline and oil. Their cost is not paid for by gas and auto taxes.

Will this ever happen in this liberal state? I wouldn\'t bet my life on it.

Already in St. Johnsbury, $500,000 (a half million dollars) has been spent on just engineering plans for the bike path. Talk about the usual waste of money in any project that government has to do with.

John H. Poole


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