Black Ice

To the Editor:

The last 17 years of my business career, I drove a truck around New England and Eastern Canada delivering Eukanuba to hungry dogs. I have also skied at Cannon since 1938. I have considerable experience with black ice. My prayer is always the same: “Lord, if you get me out of this mess, I will promise to be a good boy the rest of my life.”

I remember a trip to Seattle to visit one of the first Everest climbers, my car started spinning, off the road, upside down sliding down a farmer’s field. The farmer got me out and my Everest friend said that was scarier than anything he experienced. Another time on a NH hill @ 3 AM, the truck started spinning, somehow the Lord got me straight rather than over the edge. More than once, my skis aimed toward the nearest tree and somehow missed it. My point is black ice takes no prisoners. Your age, sex or driving ability doesn’t matter.

You are not a “terrible” driver or skier, you are lucky or you are not. Jon Swan would have you believe that if you do not kick Casella out of Bethlehem, prevent him from going to Dalton and ship our waste many more miles to Berlin … you will have many more environmental incidents like this. In reality the 1400 homes of Bethlehem will have to pack their recyclables and non-recyclables into their cars weekly, travel over secondary roads to a duplicate transfer station … 70,000 extra trips, over a million extra miles, over $500,000 extra dollars ,,, not counting the “90 waste trucks per day” who will have to travel thousands of extra miles through the heart of many North Country towns. We have not had a serious environmental incident in 25 years with Casella, the 90 waste trucks travel 5.5 miles through the White Mountain National Forest, the single Mike Sulham Casella truck picks up our trash efficiently, safely and for free. Wake Up Bethlehem! Improve global warming, improve recycling, save money.


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