Bravo to Upstage Players!

To the Editor:

This past weekend, Upstage Players finished their ten show run of Shrek the Musical at Littleton Opera House. If they are like me, the nearly 2,000 people who came out to see the show were left in awe of the talent and dedication of everyone who participated in the show, from the director (and Donkey!) Andrew Lidestri to every last member of the cast, production staff, and orchestra. The amount of work, from so many individuals, that went into pulling off such a high quality production truly leaves the mind reeling and leaves me so proud of the talent we have up here in the North Country. The set, singing, props, lighting, singing, dancing, acting, music, costumes, sound, and dragon were all what you would expect from a big city production and somehow our North Country community theater pulled it off!

The show was fun, funny, moving, and powerful. At a time when we are given the message that what makes us different should provoke division and fear, this show brought our community together to remind us to celebrate what makes us different, be true to and proud of who you are, “let your freak flag fly”, that bullying is a sign of weakness and “beautiful ain’t always pretty”. It is truly inspiring to see what a group of committed community members is capable of achieving. We are so lucky to have Upstage Players in our community. Congratulations to all who were involved in this fantastic production!

Jill Brewer

Franconia, New Hampshire


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