Bring your own bag; you’ll like it

To the Editor:

In his opinion piece on the 2019 legislative session John McLaughry sates that the plastic ban bill (Americans use 100 billion per year) is “notably nutty.”

Not so. Laws such as this have worked very well in other states and in 127 countries around the world to keep plastic bags out of landfills, waterways, and public spaces.

Not only that, using cloth, flat-bottomed bags with sturdy handles is a great convenience for the customer. They hold considerably more than the small, flimsy bags given at the store . The size and shape make them convenient for packing, carrying, and placing in the car. Floppy plastic bags are difficult to handle and they often spill their contents in the car.

For some time supermarkets have been encouraging customers to carry their own bags, and customers are cooperating; they will enjoy the benefits of using their own sturdy, roomy bags.

Mary Berlejung

Groton, Vt.


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