Campbell’s Dishonesty & Disinformation on Climate Policy

To the Editor:

Representative Scott Campbell, Democrat from St. Johnsbury, said one thing in his recent op-ed on the Global Warming Solutions Act that rings true: “Vermont can’t stop climate change.” The rest is mostly hyperbolic rhetoric and outright falsehoods.

Campbell tries to scare the reader with, “The changing climate is causing floods, droughts, and wildfires — as we have seen on TV. It is causing crop failures, food shortages and lost income. It is causing social unrest, conflict and migration.” None of this is actually backed up by “the science.”

Wildfires? Actually, the annual number of acres burned by wildfires in the US today is about 20 percent of what it was 100 years ago. Floods? The UN Climate report itself states it has “low confidence in the human influence on the changes in high river flows on the global scale” — and low confidence in attributing “changes in the probability or magnitude of flood events.” Crop failures? NASA reports that the added CO2 in the atmosphere is causing a “global greening” effect, increasing plant growth, including food crops, and the warming that has occurred over the last century is lengthening growing periods.

“As seen on TV”? Yes, this is a laugh out loud funny line. Campbell’s definition of “science” is if it’s on TV it must be true! But, as Abraham Lincoln warned us on Facebook, “don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.” A media incentivized to hype bad news and sensationalize weather events to drive ratings is not a reliable source for unbiased information. Almost as unreliable as a politician trying to scare voters into supporting his position on a controversial issue that will cost us all a bundle in taxes and freedoms.

But don’t worry about losing your job as a result of the GWSA, says Campbell. “Economic transformations bring “creative destruction”: dislocations to existing businesses, but fertile ground for new businesses. There’s money to be made: weatherizing buildings, adding heat pumps, installing solar panels,…” Yes, money to be made – by Scott Campbell! Campbell is director of 3E Thermal, an energy consultant and incentive program for affordable apartment housing statewide, based at Capstone Community Action. If billions of taxpayer dollars, and that’s what we’re talking about, are suddenly allocated for subsidizing rental properties to weatherize throughout the state, Scott Campbell and his cronies will be right there ready to take their cut. And that’s the plan.

The Global Warming Solutions Act is a scam, pure and simple, to enrich politicians and their major donors who sell wind towers, solar panels, electric vehicles, electric heat pumps, etc. that, without government mandates and taxpayer subsidies, very few people would actually buy because they are neither practical nor cost effective. The GWSA won’t solve Global Warming, but it will make you poorer, less free to make your own decisions, and more likely to be unemployed. Please reject it and the politicians who supported it.

JT Dodge

East Corinth, Vt.


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James Nagle

Save Vermont and vote for JT Dodge. Dump the progressive left. They are communists and the do not uphold or defend our Constitution.

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