Canadian corporation vs. Vermont people

To the editor:

Judge Maley's November first ruling that property owners cannot utilize their own land whenever Canadian-controlled Green Mountain Power (GMP) wants to dynamite Lowell Mountain is outrageous and unacceptable.

On Friday October 28, GMP contractors blasted the mountain knowing full well that people were camping within the 1000 foot "blast zone." Pieces of fly rock and a five-pound piece of blasting mat landed inside the camp mere feet from the people camping on land that they had the owner's permission to be on. Canadian corporations knowingly putting Vermonters' lives at risk is also outrageous and unacceptable.

After flattening our ridgelines and putting our neighbors' lives at risk, Gaz Metro (GMP's parent corporation) wants to take over Central Vermont Public Service, the state's largest electric utility. This would give a Canadian corporation control of 72 percent of the state's electricity market. It would also give them 72 percent control of VELCO, the state's transmission utility, which is now distributed among the 21 electric companies in the state.

Vermont needs decentralized, efficient, locally controlled, community scale energy projects, not centralized, inefficient, foreign controlled, industrial scale monstrosities. Do not let Shumlin "develop" (read clearcut, blow-up, and level) the proposed 200 miles of Vermont ridgeline needed to reach his 40 percent "renewable" energy goal. Do not let him cede our energy independence to a huge multinational corporation. Resist Green Mountain Power's hostile bullying tactics and let Shumlin know how you feel.

Michael Reddy

Greensboro Bend, Vt.


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