Running for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

To my neighbors in the Town of Dalton:

At Town Meeting Day on June 8, I ask for your vote as a candidate for both town clerk and tax collector in the Town of Dalton. I chose to put my name in the hat for these two very important positions upon learning of the retirement of the current town clerk.

With no one willing to step up to fill these 2 vital positions, I felt compelled to do so, in the best interests of the town. Both roles will require someone who is a quick and capable learner, so here I am! While I am running unopposed on the ballot, I still feel it important to ask for your support.

I currently serve the Town of Dalton as the Chairman of the Trustees of Trust Funds, as well as a commissioner representing the town on the North Country Council. Working with fellow town trustees Ernie Hannaford and Rose Carter, we were able to successfully find and correct prior accounting errors relative to the Trust accounts, and now all is operating smoothly as a result. I will bring real-world experience and a fresh perspective to both of these roles.

I will be outside of the Municipal Building all day long on June 8, so please say hello as you enter to cast your vote. You can also reach me on my cell phone at (603) 991-2078 if you’d like to speak with me. I look forward to continuing my service to the Town of Dalton, where I have lived for 7 years, and I look forward to a very bright future for our wonderful town!

Thank you!

Jon Swan

Dalton, N. H.


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