Christian Right

To the Editor:

Today women are marching in protest against draconian anti-abortion bills being signed into law in state after state. They march by the thousands ; who can know the total number? They are concerned. It’s about their bodies and the right to own them freely.

What drives the anti-abortion craze and signing of laws, is the deeply felt position of the Christian right. I do not know what personal thinking surrounds their fervor. The mantra is “the right to life of the innocent unborn.” This is a religious belief, not a scientific one.

Everyone in this country has the right to a religious belief. Everyone has a right to talk about his or her belief. We have a free country, thankfully! What we do not have is the right to put our religious beliefs into a bill, put it before congress, and sign it into law… FORCING that belief on everyone else. Dissenters have a free country too! Personal beliefs and personal freedoms, yes! Forcing one’s opinion on someone else and exacting extreme punishments from those who disagree is not Christian. Jesus never forced anyone to believe what He taught, much less encode it into the law of the land.

I can hear a dozen voices already disagreeing, saying “This is a Christian country. It was founded by Christian people.” Let me refresh your memory. This was a country of thousands of tribes of Native Americans who had a spirituality (religion) and laws of their own. Christian people from Europe came here, killed them by the hundreds of thousands, subjugated the rest - demanded that they become Christian too. I would be very quiet on that subject, if I were clinging to that false premise.

This is not to demean Christianity, or Christians. It is fine to be one. I respect your views and will not interfere with them. What I am asking is that all those who passionately believe in anti-abortion please leave room for those who do not share your views. Do not try to dominate and control others. You do not answer for their sins. Put things in perspective, and put everything in its place.

That done, we can all get along just fine. That is why these women march.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Donovan

Wheelock, Vermont


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