Climate Change

To the Editor:

Well, I guess hell just froze over. Because here I am, endorsing a Republican. Joe Benning.

In my Covid isolation, I found myself reading some of the things Senator Benning has written in Vt. Digger and elsewhere and became intrigued. Ok, the first thing that struck me was that we were born in the same hospital, in Long Branch, N.J., though I arrived a decade earlier. And then there was the story about how he and his dad clashed during the 60’s, but reconciled as they watched Americans land on the moon. I remember standing with my dad, a WWII hero who captained a destroyer in the Battle of the Atlantic (see Greyhound ), staring at the moon together during that raucous summer of ’69, our cultural feud fading as we marveled at what our country could achieve.

But it’s not just nostalgia that leads me to this, for me, unlikely endorsement. It’s partially his positions. He is on board with a woman’s right to choose, the need for affordable health care, aid for small business, reasonable police reform, and national measures to fight climate change. He writes about how, as an aging white man, he has needed to evolve on his thinking about race. I’m with him there. I also think he will get on board the affordable, high-quality child care train, too, as concerned as he is with the future costs to society re crime, education, and the economy if we neglect this elemental issue.


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