To the Editor:

A recent AP article about New Hampshire residents who went to Georgia to protest a school for foreign soldiers was grossly inadequate in calling it "a school for combat training."

My husband, Don Booth, was among those who went, and I know their reason for protest was was that graduates of the school have been responsible for the murder, rape, torture and disappearance of thousands of citizens in Latin American countries.

Our nation, which within our borders has been a shining light of democracy and freedom to people around the world, has too often had entirely different policies toward Latin American nations. These are cruel policies, hidden from the public, which ensure the rich natural resources and low labor standards in those nations shall continue to enrich the wealthy families with large land holdings, and the U.S. and multi-national corporations, while most people there live in dire poverty.

Graduates of the "School of the Americas," also known as SOA (sanitized by a new name, "Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation," but often derisively called "School of Assassins"), have been implicated in the assassination of Archbishop Romero, the murder and rape of four U.S. nuns, and the massacre of priests at a Jesuit college. These are the highest-profile victims out of thousands of lost lives.


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