Closing NVU - Silencing Climate Activists

To the Editor:

Before COVID-19 moved college instruction online, students and faculty in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at Northern Vermont University-Lyndon were planning several events for this week. The theme for the 50th Earth Day is “climate action,” and there is no better group to speak about the importance of climate action than upcoming meteorologists and climate scientists.

Student members of The Climate Consensus, a department-led climate science outreach group, have been at the forefront of climate advocacy. This group has been working to bridge the gap between experts and non-experts on this topic for the past five years. Increasing climate literacy among the general public is critical, because if the masses do not obtain a clear understanding of the human role in transforming our climate system, we will never construct a meaningful course of action to correct it. This is why we need Earth Day. This is why we need climate action. And this is why we need Northern Vermont University.

The Atmospheric Sciences Department at NVU-Lyndon is nationally recognized. For nearly fifty years, we have produced graduates who have transformed our field in broadcast, research, and private industry. Most recently, we created a degree in Climate Change Science, one of the first of its kind in the country. Through The Climate Consensus, our department has identified novel ways to engage with the public across New England. This work has been presented at national conferences and was recently published in the American Meteorological Society’s flagship journal:


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