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To the Editor:

Dear Friends: Who believes that social isolation is a good thing? Research from Harvard School of Public Health and the National Institute of Health asserts that the lack of connection with other people leads to illness and limits our potential. (see links below*). We are working to engage with others in a deliberate and collaborative effort to mitigate such ills.

We are members of Interfaith Partners: Ms. Caroline DeMaio, St. Johnsbury Shambhala Center; The Rev. Ann Hockridge, Third Congregational Church, East St. Johnsbury & Lower Waterford Congregational Church; The Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns, Universalist Unitarian Congregation of St. Johnsbury; Mr. Jeff Kay, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church; The Rev. Alyssa May, Orleans Federated Church; Ms. Jill Minkoff, Congregation Beth El; The Rev. Susan Ohlidal, Convivia/StJ; Ms. Jean Pitman, Karme Choling; Ms. Abby Pollender, NVRH Interfaith Chaplain; Ms. Nancy Rivers, a member of the Bahai Faith; Ms. Rene Rose, Congregation Beth El.

Our alliance of faith communities and individuals is focused on working together to increase understanding and compassion in our region. We are committed to practicing the language and behaviors of inclusiveness and to appreciate the value of collective learning and action. We affirm the truth of the oneness of humanity and believe that it is impossible to build a truly just and peaceful world without this truth.


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