To the Editor:

I believe the conversation Nov. 19 at the informational teachers meeting in Caledonia North held at Lyndon Town School was reported out of context. We had just been treated to a comparison example of an entry level high school graduate & #039;s baggage carrier position to an entry level college graduate & #039;s teaching position in CNSU. The cost of a four-year degree in Vermont is substantial. The discussion about high school vs. college prepared was the focus, not the color of the collars.

My father & #039;s collar was white, but it was a T-shirt. He completed the fifth grade. He was one of the most intelligent men I have known in my lifetime. I don & #039;t believe college necessarily enhances intelligence. Blue collar or white collar, he did an excellent job of supporting his family.

My father was a union carpenter in Hartford, Conn. We lived with strikes about every other year. It was part of our lives. I am now in Caledonia North & #039;s Education Association. If we strike, this is not new to me. This highly intelligent man taught me that if workers want fair compensation they must stand together and go after it. Management wants the lowest bottom line. If the boards in our district want to give us fair compensation, why aren & #039;t they? You have to start somewhere if your goal is to sustain something.

A former board member & #039;s letter of Nov. 24 outlines a process the salary committee went through and states: "When negotiations began, a little over a year ago, the boards did what they said they would and brought the new schedule as their proposal."


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