Commit to the investigation

To the Editor:

When I first read in The Caledonian-Record that the selectmen of St. Johnsbury were going to investigate the Brian Christman complaint against the police department, I thought this was the light at the end of the tunnel for people to have a fair investigation.

I thought that the selectmen had real big B's when they were talking about this. When I found out that they are not going to investigate it, after I offered $300 toward the investigation. I thought about it and that big set of B's had shrank to the size of a turnip seed. I realized then when they had to walk the talk, they had no B's at all.

The selectmen set the tax rate and the taxes got to pay the police to protect the public which I knew we need, but we shouldn't have to pay a police officer to charge people with a crime they didn't commit.

Here is a suggestion for how to solve this situation in a hurry: Brian has $2,300, I will add another $300 which will make a total of $2,600 and this will pay for 32.5 hours of investigation. I know that most investigations have a thousand items to look at but if Brian was there with the investigators and one selectman, I truly believe Brian could show the investigator approximately 3-4 items to look at and make a decision and report that would be fair.

I know this would set a precedent probably but this investigation by the town for its residence it seems to me would balance the scale of justice making the policeman aware that falsifying a report or charging a resident with a crime he didn't commit, would not be tolerated. I believe that every town should stand behind the police also for a person falsely accused.

I've had complaints that were legitimate complaints and the agency found nothing wrong. I think the same thing would happen with an outside agency investigation but this would be a fair investigation with the private investigator, Brian and one selectman.

I know, you selectmen are good people and want to do what's best for all residence and the police department. You said you were going to investigate, then you said you weren't. So now change your mind and get that big set of B's and step up to the plate and get it done. I'm sure Brian would be relieved to get it over.

Steve Mitchell

Danville, Vt.


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