Comprehensive Health Insurance

To the Editor:

Medicare for All. Universal Health Care. The Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care). Employer-based health insurance with options. Private health insurers. Whatever it’s called, wherever it comes from, every American needs to be covered.

Normally I stay out of insurance discussions of any kind – even as a daughter of a man who spent his working life with a chemical and industrial insurance company, rising through the ranks to VP of Finance and Administration – because I have what I call insurance dyslexia. My brain shuts down and my eyes glaze over. I certainly can’t offer or contribute anything of substance.

Just over four months ago, however, I had open heart surgery to replace one valve and repair another. I knew it was coming: after a first such surgery 25 years ago to repair the now-replaced valve, I had periodic smaller procedures and tests over the intervening years to keep track of things, especially in the last five or six years as my symptoms began to show the need for the more intensive – and, this time, more extensive – surgery again.


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