Corporate Media Spins 2020 Elections

To the Editor:

With every election cycle the influence of the corporate news media increases. They play a huge role in shaping the perceptions of the public as to what candidates are viable, while paying relatively little attention to the issues being addressed by the candidates.

Heading into the 2020 Presidential election it is very clear that the corporate news media wants to make sure that only a corporate friendly candidate will be nominated by the Democratic Party. That way voters will have no chance to weaken the billionaire driven corporate stranglehold over government.

Despite Trump’s daily whining about his phony claims of unfairness from the media he has benefited more from television network coverage than anyone in history. In terms of his political career NBC created Trump. First they introduced him to the public through their silly program, The Apprentice, where he fired people freely and got a chance to massage his Texas sized ego as the super-big executive decision maker. Then their news department, along with the rest of the networks, Fox in particular, provided Trump with the lion’s share of coverage when eh was facing off against the rest of the republican field during the 2016 Republican primary elections. That pretty much guaranteed Trump the nomination. From then on Trump’s cronies from Russia, side by side with the corporate television networks and much of the print media kept Trump constantly in the spotlight. With the unwavering complicity of the mass media Trump made every effort to weaken his opponents in using his gutter-ball attacks. From then on the media abandoned their near sacred responsibilities to the public interest. More often than not they downplayed the increasingly serious implications of Trump’s rise to power amidst the unprecedented corruption he surrounds himself with.

It is clear that this year the media is making every effort to portray the 2020 Democratic nomination as a choice between Joe Biden and the rest of the field of 20 or so other candidates. This is the same way that they handed the 2016 Republican nomination to Trump. Just like in 2016 Bernie Sanders is the candidate for president who is most feared by the billionaire investor class that controls the media messages received each day by generally politically naïve and tuned out voters through their televisions. Eight months before the first votes are cast the networks handicap the election like a horse race, almost never including discussions about the issues Bernie or any of the other Democratic candidates raise, particularly Bernie’s central issue of economic unfairness.

At his huge Montpelier kick-off rally on Saturday May 25th, 2019 Bernie sternly questioned the nastiness of the multi-billionaire family that owns Wal-Mart in keeping so many of their workers at wages so low that we as taxpayers are forced to provide their workers with assistance in the form of food stamps and various other forms of public assistance. Bernie is also a very staunch advocate for the underpaid workers of McDonalds Corporation who are generally non-unionized and forced to work two or three jobs simply in order to survive. Bernie has already embarrassed Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the United States into paying his workers $15 an hour after publicizing the fact hat Bezos paid no federal taxes last year on earnings well in excess of 1oo million dollars.

The 2020 campaign of Bernie Sanders is essentially being censored by the corporate media, just as his 2016 campaign was sabotaged by the democratic Party machinery itself. Crooked and non-scientific polling methods were used to fuel the supposed momentum of Joe Biden soon after he announced his campaign for the Democratic nomination. Biden’s record contains countless inexcusable and extremely serious blunders while Bernie has been there for us all along on issue after issue.

The last thing the super-rich investor class wants is for voters to have a chance to see Bernie Sanders’ name on the November 2020 ballot against Trump. Bernie will question economic inequality favoring the 1% of super rich Americans every day that he campaigns. The ultra-rich will be delighted if voters are given a “choice” between the most corporate friendly (read billionaire friendly) Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Trump. There is a wealth of highly deserving Democratic candidates for President this time around, but voters should unite behind Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders immediately!

For democracy,

Bill Coleman

Newark, Vermont


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