COVID and Sandy Reider’s Guest Commentary

To the Editor:

The Tuesday (Oct.26) Caledonian-Record carried a Guest Commentary by Dr. Sandy Reider titled, “COVID And Our Youth. I can’t dig into the statistics cited or fact check Dr. Reider’s statements. I hope someone can and does. However, I think it’s important to know that Dr Reider has an anti-vaccination agenda that precedes the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just before everything shut down because of the pandemic, Dr. Reider was advertising an anti-vaccination film, which he was sponsoring, that was to be shown at the Catamount Arts building. Because of the shut down the showing was cancelled. This was before there even was a vaccine for COVID-19. So though Dr. Reider presents his commentary as a concern for your youth in this present day COIVD crisis, he has an older agenda against vaccines. Given the number of lives that have been saved throughout the world because of vaccines, and not just in far off places, right here in our country, I have to question and wonder about his opinion. Even locally, in terms of cases, and if I remember right, severity of cases, this paper itself reported not long ago that the seven least vaccinated counties in Vermont were hit quite a bit harder than the seven most vaccinated counties in the state. All to say that I would take Dr. Reider’s opinion in his commentary with a lot of caution. (And may I please make this clear. Catamount Arts was not sponsoring or supporting the anti-vax movie. Their space is available to the public under certain guidelines.)

David Martin

Lyndonville, Vt.


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Alison Despathy

We love your books also David. Thank you. We even have a few signed copies from your local library events. I hope your opinion is informed before you judge a local medical doctor with 50 years of experience and wisdom and a reputation for compassionate. competent care. Thought you might want to consider these resources before you cast stones, unless you have already read through these to help gather the other side of the story.

-How to end the autism Epidemic- Handley

-Dissolving Illusions- Humphries

-Virusmania -Engelbrect

This is a good start, although there are so many more and hopefully you have watched the movies that Dr Reider was trying to bring to our community to help educate and offer some of the wisdom he has gathered along the way.

Anat Grosfeld

David Martin, we love your books! You are clearly an intelligent thoughtful and kind person. But on this you are missing the point. Dr. Reider was writing on the risks and benefits of vaccinating children for COVID-19 with a vaccine that doesn't even stop transmission or infection. What are we even talking about anymore? Despite being at incalcuably low risk from serious COVID-19 disease (according to the NYTimes) , kids have had to sacrifice an enormous amount of well being, education, and normal human experiences over the past year and a half. No medical intervention is without some level of risk, and if children don't appeciably benefit from the vaccine, it stands to reason that they will only be subjected to its risks.

Many parents are not on board with this next step. I wish you *would* dig into the data and the research from the perspective of a parent to young kids, instead of criticizing Dr. Reider for having an agenda and thus instantly dismissable.

Karen Bufka

I would encourage Mr. Martin to "dig" into the numbers next time he decides to write a response to someone's commentary. Dr. Reider's numbers are accurate, and relevant. Mr. Martin's name-calling and assumptions about Dr. Reider's agenda, either past or present, has no relevance to anything which Dr. Reider expressed. It is just hot air, no critical thinking present whatsoever. That lack of critical thinking on Mr. Martin's part is the real thing we should be cautious about.

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