To the Editor:

In regard to proposals for the West Mountain Wildlife Management Area, I support the creation of a core area of significant size that will be protected from logging, etc., and where roads will eventually cease to exist. Twelve-thousand, five (12,500) acres are not enough. The protected area should be larger.

Roads to existing camps should be maintained until the camp lease of life plus 20 years has expired or until the camp owner decides to be bought out. Then those camps are out of there and the roads leading to them closed, bridges dismantled, etc. This is public land and should have no private camps on it. No exceptions. The 150 miles of snowmobile trails guaranteed to VAST should be located to where they will have the least impact on the core area.

The core area should be wide open for back country hunting, fishing, trapping and hiking. A place where the truly traditional hunter or hiker can go cross country without running into a road and at the end of a long day in the real woods feel that he or she has experienced what wilderness is all about.

But more than for the human uses of hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, etc., we should create back country for the sake of back country. For the sake of wildness and for restoring portions of this Earth back to the pure healthy condition that it once was. This area of the Northeast Kingdom is an appropriate place to do that.


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