Critical Race Theory: Does It Exist?

To the Editor:

Some Facts. Black defendants get longer sentences than white defendants for the same crime. Families of color are more likely than their white counterparts to get evicted given similar financial circumstances. Numerous studies show that resumes with “black names” (Germaine, Latitia) get offered fewer interviews than those with “white names” (Jack, Harold) even though the resumes are exactly the same for the same job opening. By percentages, fewer people of color get help from FEMA during emergencies than whites. Blacks were mainly excluded from the incredible benefits of the GI Bill after WWII.

The list goes on: predatory banking; housing discrimination; racial profiling; higher level of government surveillance; lower access to healthcare; ….

Does knowing this through a college course or other credible sources make you a racist or anti-white?


Our society has racist structures that obstruct success and fair play for minorities: the playing field is not level.

This is not “anti-American”! It is dealing with the facts!

We need to tune out the incessant drumbeat of the Right Wing Media machine and the outrage it is manufacturing. Fox News has been screaming non-stop for a month about the evils of CRT, something that hardly exists.

If racism exists, then students should be able to learn about it (at the appropriate time and grade level). This Communist-style censorship being espoused by Republican State legislatures and the right wing media is un-American!

Michael Frandzel

Portsmouth, N. H.


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