CVPS -- GMP merger arrangement

To the Editor:

We the ratepayers of CVPS are mad as hell! In 2001, your utility was granted an emergency rate hike by the PSB in order to save it from default and to preserve its credit rating. The PSB stipulated that the rate hike was to be treated as a loan from the ratepayers. In a slight of hand deal only Harry Houdini would have admired, our promised loan repayment will now show up in the form of GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENTS!

Green Mountain Power spokeswoman Schnure opines that actually returning the 21 million dollars to the ratepayers of CVPS as promised, might destroy the proposed merger between GMP and CVPS. Now comes the implied threat from Rep. Tony Klein who says that, "Without a deal leadership will hold back important bills ..." "They, (the ratepayers), need to understand what they're putting at risk." Whoa -- is this how you are now doing business under the golden dome?

ENTER STAGE LEFT -- Now along comes Gaye Symington, you remember Gaye, the lady who thought we were too ignorant to comprehend "insulation" because it's behind the walls and we can't see it!!! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she is salivating over yet another opportunity to "help us". She continues, "It's hard to find a better payback than to put money into Vermonters' basements and attics ..." The problem being of course it's not her money!


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