Dalton Zoning Vote

To the Editor:

Dalton: Vote YES on ETZ for a fighting chance!

There are people in Dalton who are very much pushing for a No vote because, “their town has never had zoning so why should it now?” are claiming that it’s being pushed by a bunch of outsiders who want to control their town.

I was recently at the town meeting on Tuesday to discuss zoning and watched as a town divided discussed, or TRIED to discuss their concerns regarding being actually controlled by an enormous corporation who consists of all outsiders.

As I explained to the boards and the people at the meeting, I am fifth of six generations who do and have lived at Forest Lake and who started on Dalton Mountain right after they got here from Scotland. I am not an outsider even though I do live a 1/10th of the mile from the Dalton town line.

Most people will agree that the world is not black-and-white, there will always be gray areas right? Not right now, not in this case.

The white side here is emergency temporary zoning. It gives Dalton as a town and us as neighbors a fighting chance to have a say in the process before this or any large company gets their planning and manipulations too far and too deep to fight back. This specific company seems to want a no vote very badly considering their lobbying efforts, so they can set up shop without a fight.

The black in this case is clearly a corporation looking to place their new landfill in a town with no zoning. This company can tell me all day long, every day for the rest of my life all of their marketing ploys about jobs, positive economic and energy possibilities. But I will say to them exactly what I say to my son as he’s learning to choose his own ways and friends in this life, “words don’t mean anything, watch peoples actions“. It doesn’t matter one bit what words are used in any relationship you need to watch what people do and how they act and treat people that will tell you who you were dealing with.

So who are we dealing with? And what are their actions? I don’t need to get into statistics here as they are easily found online and widely known by residents from Bethlehem‘s fight with this company but let me just say after literally days of reading about their other landfill sites I’ve yet to hear more than literally a handful say one positive thing about having a landfill in their community. Overall the average comments boil down to the company being bullying pariahs, I would not call that complementary.

I have seen their “mis”informational pamphlets full of nice ways to tell us all how fantastic landfills really are and I keep thinking of the old adage “you can put lipstick on a pig”, well without zoning the landfill is your pig Dalton, you better pucker up.

In the relationship I see between this corporation and the town of Dalton, I immediately saw scheming manipulative dynamics very clearly. This giant walked right into a sleepy town, flashed some cash to people willing to sell their families and neighbors futures away and no doubt surely was hoping to sneak in under the radar of anyone with logical thinking. I mean, who in their right mind wants a landfill in a town. Myself? I’d say people driven by money and no consideration for anything or anyone else especially when they’re trying to sneakily invade via lot line adjustments to the interior of a property so as to not have to alert abutting neighbors as to what is actually transpiring on their property.

I find it extremely disheartening that people are spreading lies via door to door visits scaring old women and mailing printed miss information about zoning. Yes zoning can be seen as a hindrance to someone who wants to knowingly violate sections of the ordinances for their personal financial gain by operating businesses that, “cause hazard to health property values or safety because of traffic, unsanitary conditions or excessive noise, vibration, odor or other nuisance“. Period. Oh now it all makes sense doesn’t it! That absolutely applies to this corporation and others who seem to be backing them in the no zoning platform.

Newsflash! People can actually still live full and happy lives if their town has zoning! I’ve seen it with my own eyes and guess what the zoning board will be made up of you, the townspeople of Dalton. People who care about their community and hopefully each other.

I find it strange that there is so much concern about what their neighbor on the zoning board could do to their request on something they may want to do with their property yet they are willingly allowing this monstrous wolf of a corporation to come in and put on grandma‘s clothes, lie in their bed and devour their town.

The town of Dalton and it’s surrounding communities don’t belong to a few greedy people with no regard for the rest of us! We all live in or near this beautiful area and will be affected in the future with whatever decision they decide to make on Tuesday night July 30 at their vote on emergency temporary zoning.

Who is going to want to come and visit a place like where I live, on a beautiful lake a quarter of a mile from a landfill? I wouldn’t if I had the choice. But I don’t. I live here and I love it here! Please help spread the word, VOTE YES on July 30 for emergency temporary zoning to help save Dalton.

Nikki Trusca

(of the Newell family)

Whitefield, New Hampshire


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