Dear Dalton Voters

To the Editor:

On July 30th, 7pm, Town of Dalton Municipal Building Gymnasium, Dalton voters will have the chance to vote YES for Emergency Temporary Zoning, which I feel is our best chance at stopping a proposed landfill, preventing it from becoming a reality (and our collective nightmare!). Please, vote YES to the following warrant article:

“Shall the town adopt the provisions of RSA 674:24-29 entitled ‘Emergency Temporary Zoning and Planning Ordinance’?”

My favorite part of the zoning ordinance:

Under RSA 674:27 Commercial Exceptions Under Interim Zoning Ordinance. – Business, commercial or industrial ventures other than those mentioned in RSA 674:25 or 674:26 may be given special exception by the board of adjustment upon submission and approval of a site plan; provided, however, that the following regulations and restrictions shall be observed:

I. No business, commercial or industrial venture or use shall be permitted which could cause any undue hazard to health, safety or property values or which is offensive to the public because of noise, vibration, excessive traffic, unsanitary conditions, noxious odor, smoke or other similar reason.

This is the provision in the ordinance relative to grandfathering:

RSA 674:28 Nonconforming Buildings, Land, or Uses Under Interim Zoning Ordinance. –

I. All nonconforming properties in active use when an interim ordinance is passed and adopted may continue indefinitely in their present use.

It truly boggles my mind to think that there are some people in the community who feel a landfill will somehow be good for the Town of Dalton. One merely has to look at Bethlehem to see how Casella Waste Systems has worn out its welcome there. They claim to be a steward for the environment, but the reality at each of their facilities speaks to the contrary. Why would we want to welcome them into our town? Those people behind the “Vote No On Zoning” are being very short-sighted and frankly, small and petty. This is beyond political power and control in Dalton, this is about the future of the North Country. Once Casella breaks ground at Douglas Drive off of Route 116, the North Country will NEVER be the same. Heavy garbage haulers will cause massive traffic congestion, pose a threat to pedestrian safety, bring noise and air pollution not to mention the negative impact this massive landfill will have on the environment, wildlife, and the landscape, which will surely drive away tourism. We will be forever known as LANDFILL COUNTRY for generations to come.

30 years from now, children will ask why we didn’t stop this from happening. We do not need a time machine to go back and stop it; we can stop it HERE and NOW! This will be a historical vote and the BEST CHANCE to STOP CASELLA from destroying the quality of life we all know and love in the North Country! Please, educate yourself and your neighbors, know all of the facts, look at both sides, visit the divisive and fear-thy-neighbor website and mine,, and decide for yourself whether or not the North Country needs another Casella-run landfill only 7 miles away from its Bethlehem facility (which closes in 2025 or thereabouts after being kicked out by the citizens there!). Casella wants you to vote no on zoning. Why is that? Because Casella does not want zoning in Dalton, which is why they picked our small, rural town to be the future of their garbage empire!

Do not allow this proposed development to scar the beautiful landscape of the North Country for generations to come.

We ask you to vote YES on July 30th to preserve our way of life and to stop a 3-phase, 180 acre garbage landfill next to Forest Lake from becoming a reality. Future generations of North Country residents will thank you. Please, Vote YES!

Jon Swan

Dalton, New Hampshire


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