Dear Mr. Romney

To the Editor:

I'd say governor, but I have never lived in Massachusetts, so you were never my governor. I need to see a dentist, this may sound masochistic, but I want to see a dentist. Right now I don't have dental insurance, I haven't had dental insurance for sometime now. Seeing a dentist is probably something you take for granted, seeing a dentist is a part of my American dream that I am denied, denied because I can't sacrifice my car payment and my groceries for a month.

I haven't had any form of health insurance for nearly a decade, luckily I haven't needed to see a doctor. My body is my responsibility and I am doing all that I can to maintain good health, I quit smoking, I exercise daily, and I balanced my diet, but there are many things beyond my control from the genes I inherited to the world I live in and in this world of ours accidents happen, that's why we need insurance.

I have been fortunate but if my fortune runs out I might be forced into a hospital bed and as it stands, if I am forced into a hospital bed I may well be forced out of my home and my car. President Obama has a plan for my health, I might not agree with every bit of that plan, but I will be able to see a dentist and I won't be worried about the world beyond my control. The only plan you have regarding my health care is to take away the only current possibility for me to have health care.

I'm sorry, but that is unacceptable.


Jonathan Forrest Brinkerhoff


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