To the Editor:

Right on Rose Marie! Having a college degree does not make one more intelligent, they only have a pedigree. My maternal grandfather had a term to describe the pompous products of academia. He called them educated fools.

Mark Twain & #039;s comment that education is what is left over after you forget what you learned in college is also appropriate. Yes, Rose Marie, the attitudes of "educators" such as Ms. Pound are passed on to their students. One need only watch the talking heads on television and observe the participants in demonstrations all over the country to see that something is very wrong within the college system.

Students reprimanded for chastising Arab students who were celebrating the WTC attack. Expelled for hanging patriotic posters. Refusal to display the flag because it might offend some students.

"Educators" of the same philosophy as graduate Pound are taking impressionable young people and filling their heads full of mush in the name of education. There are many truly dedicated members of the teaching profession, but unfortunately, the squeaking wheels get the grease and the loudest and most vocal get the attention. Sad but true.


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