Democrats Called for Gun Control

To the Editor:

The Democrat Party is colon cancer.

The police in Uvalde were cowards that should be fired, yet Democrats call for gun control.

The shooter had been making threats for four years to shoot up a school when he turned 18, but nothing was done, and Democrats called for gun control.

An hour with police on scene, nothing done, and Democrats call for gun control.

Parents were restrained from going after their kids by the same worthless coward cops that went in after their OWN kids, but Democrats call for gun control.

There was a SWAT team available, but they did nothing because they are cowards, but Democrats call for gun control.

If you think I’m going to let those sorry SOB’s known as the Democrat Party disarm me, you are smoking crack.

In liberty-

Eddie Garcia

St. Johnsbury, Vt.

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(1) comment

Eileen Kristoff

You are spot on Eddie with your's NOT the guns, it's the fact that the people that do these heinous crimes are usually mentally ill is your indicator. Lazy people at the school...why was the door propped open? A combination of so many things that were apparently ignored. So again, I say, it's NOT the guns, it's the person planning, the person that needed mental medical help and no parental guidance in the home. Think about that before you start spewing about more laws that do NOT work.

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