Derby Line wind, facts and fiction

To the Editor:

When all is said and done, what matters is that facts are the premise for a decision.

Following are facts concerning Encore Redevelopment LLC'S proposed installation of two 2.2 megawatt 425 foot high industrial wind turbines in Derby Line. These turbines will be located on two rolling hillside farms owned by Bryan and Susan Davis and Jonathan and Jayne Chase. This is a precedent in Vermont, never before have industrial wind turbines been proposed on farm fields adjacent to an international boundary. The people that are opposed to this project have done their research, asked questions and educated themselves. Big Wind always attempts to escalate the Certificate of Public Good process so that people do not have the time to do research or determine the facts before it is too late.


1) Did Encore Redevelopment initially NOT provide notice of the project to adjoining property owners whose property is located on the Canadian side of the border? Answer, YES. Are Stanstead and Stanstead East located in the ten mile town radius requiring pre-filing notice? The answer is YES.

2) Did Encore state as its reason for not notifying Canadian Governmental units and abutting property owners would impose a significant burden because Encore would have to identify which entities to provide notice? Also, did Encore state that there is no benefit to be gained from providing notice since the interests of Canadians are NOT at issue in a Section 248 proceeding? The answer is YES.

3) Did the Town of Derby hold public informational meetings prior to the March 26, 2012 Public Service Board hearing? The answer is NO. The question is why? We are all aware that Chairman Brian Smith has repeatedly stated "people should be able to do what they want with their land."

4) Will electric utility rates increase? YES. Why will they increase? Because the effective yield/ production of wind generated power is among the most expensive? These two turbines total 4.4 Megawatts, conversely, the effective yield (because wind doesn't blow all the time,) will be less than ONE MEGAWATT. Will it power 900 homes as Encore has stated? The answer is NO. It can't because it cannot feed the baseline on a constant uninterrupted basis. The SPEED program administered by the Public Service Board will then pay 12.5 cents referred as RECS (renewable energy credits,) to Vt Electric Co-Op, to offset the additional cost. In fact, Vt Electric Co-Op can then sell those RECs out-of-state to coal fired utilities so that they can qualify a percentage of alternative electric production. By the way, any electricity produced will feed into the electric grid, it will not be utilized exclusively for Derby residents.

5) Will Jonathan & Jayne Chase be paid a ground lease for the area encompassed by the wind turbine? Will they receive ONE MILLION DOLLARS during the course of 20 to 25 year life span? The answer is YES. Not a bad retirement, don't ya think!

6) Do sound health effects exist? Are sound effects detrimental to health? Is there such a thing as LFN (Low Frequency Noise,) also Infrasound (the sound you can't hear,)? The answer is YES. Can Infrasound travel over 10 kilometers and penetrate structures? The answer is YES. Have the health effects such as anxiety, sleeplessness and depression been studied by renowned physicians? The answer is YES. Read, The Bulletin of Science & Technology & Society, "Toward a Case Definition of Adverse Health Effects in the Environs of Industrial Wind Turbines: Facilitating a Clinical Diagnosis." By Robert Y McMurtry, "Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment." By Dr Nina Pierpont. Go to and watch ""Voices of Vinalhaven, Maine" parts 1 & 2. Watch, "Life Under a Windplant," out of Meyersdale Pennsylvania.

7) Did Brian Smith, Chairman of the Derby select board state that the town of Derby will be paid $78,000 by Encore? The answer is YES. The FACT is that Encore will pay $41,000 to the Tax Dept for Education Property taxes, and $37,000 to the Town of Derby for Municipal taxes. That's cheap for Encore because if the turbines were appraised on mWh (megawatt hours,) the taxes should total $231,000. Chad Farrell of Encore has submitted a "white paper" to Vt Legislature on how the turbines should be valued, Big Wind lines up its ducks early in the process, don't they.

8) Would the wind turbine industry exist without state and federal subsidies? The answer is NO. Encore's Chad Farrell has stated Encore will receive 30% of the construction cost upfront from the Federal Government in the form of the AARA program. Yep, this money comes out of taxpayers' pockets, also, the State of Vermont SPEED program has to get the money from somewhere to pay the REC "Renewable Energy Credits," you know where that comes from. Lets also not forget an update to the Holland transmission lines totaling ONE MILLION DOLLARS, 30% of that cost is borne by Vt Elec Co-Op customers.

9) Are there over 17 residents in Stanstead less than one mile from the turbines? The answer is YES. Are some of those structures less than 2,000 feet from the wind turbine site? The answer is YES. Will migratory birds and bats be mutilated by the turbine blades? The answer is YES. Actually, the Stanstead road called Lagueux runs right beside the border and the birds will land on the road and a large pond within feet of the border. Does Stanstead have an elementary school and nursing home less than one mile from the turbines? YES. Will property values in Derby Line, Derby Town and Stanstead be adversely affected? The answer is YES. Read the facts, watch the videos, we're talking a reduction of 20 to 40% depending on how close the structures are.

In closing I hope the residents realize what the industrial wind turbines will do, Stanstead and Derby Line respective Boards/Council have voted NO. Holland will soon vote. We are talking about a project located right smack in the middle of two rural residential neighborhoods, it is insane! Derby Town constantly flip-flops, delays and never votes, I have my own theory on that one. If there was a town-wide vote Canadians are excluded, their voice is not heard. If this project is built, in the end, Derby Town residents and the host farms will be saying "what have we done?" Just as those in Vinalhaven, Maine. "To mar such remarkably beautiful landscape for such a minimal amount of electricity could be qualified as a state vandalism by generations to come." This entire proposed project is nothing but GREED. Those who benefit will deny that but they also think denial is a river in Egypt.

Glenda Nye

Derby Center, Vt.


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