Disappointing, Yet Entirely Predictable

To the Editor:

Caledonian Record, 1/4/2020, “Vermont Delegation Criticizes Strike”.

Of course they do. They’re Democrats, and criticizing any- and everything Trump is what they do. Their latest is that our President shouldn’t have taken steps to retaliate against Iran for planning and sponsoring recent attacks on US personnel in the region and on our Embassy in Baghdad. Apparently, they think we’d be safer not acting to defend ourselves, that when we get hit we shouldn’t kit back because “it might make them more likely to hit us again”. You’ll have to excuse my inability to see or follow that logic.

Appeasement does not work. It never has. Whether on a middle school playground or geopolitics, trying to pay off the bully only guarantees two things: more attacks and the emboldenment of additional attackers, due to a perception of weakness, an unwillingness—or inability—to defend yourself.


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