Do solar panels dream?

To the Editor:

When solar panels go to sleep each night do they dream? Perhaps they just stop supplying electricity for your lights, TV, washing machine, refrigerator, furnace and so on?

Green energy from Wind and Solar is great, but they can never supply our base load needs. Wikipedia defines "Baseload plant, as the production facilities used to meet some or all of a given region's continuous energy demand, and produce energy at a constant rate, usually at a low cost relative to other production facilities available to the system".

Now, these plants can be gas, oil, coal, hydro, nuclear, or other. In our case it's nuclear and has been for 40 years. Thanks to the near zero air emissions from our nuclear plant, Vermont has been one of the greenest states in the nation. Now our government wants to put an end to all of that, and start dumping millions of tons of green house gases into the ecosystem, and where are the outcries? If any large company said it wanted to build a power plant that dumped millions of tons of greenhouse gases into our environment over the next 20 years, the people of Vermont would flatly reject the idea. And yet, that is exactly what our State's energy plan calls for, the use of dirty power to replace clean power, why is that? Why is it being so un-Vermont like?

Al Blakley

Brattleboro, Vt.


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