Don't believe claims about E-cigarettes

To the Editor:

Your newspaper is to be commended for a series of public health related articles aimed at helping people quit the use of tobacco. A possible exception is the article by Maria Cheng in your 9/12/13 edition pertaining to a recent research report about E-cigarettes.

As the article mentions it describes only that one study. Sound scientific conclusions can never be based upon such limited findings. E-cigarettes perpetuate the same hand to mouth movements with a device that looks nearly identical to a conventional cigarette.

Most smokers are torn between a desire to quit and a sad, inaccurate belief that it would be impossible for them to do so. Looking for an easy way to quit many smokers seem to be believing manufacturers false claims that E-cigarettes will provide just such a simple escape route from the addiction to nicotine. These smokers realize that tobacco use is in the process of killing them or severely lowering the quality of their lives. It seems highly likely that many if not most users of the E-cigarettes will eventually return to the perceived "deep pleasure" of smoking or chewing tobacco itself.


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