To the Editor:

I have but one quibble with Richard Axelrod & #039;s "playette" in the In My Opinion column of The Caledonian-Record for Dec. 14, 2001. His first line is "Setting: A distant land." The land of the setting is not nearly as distant as we might wish; if his characters Sally and Mary are non-citizens, the setting could be right here, in the very near future.

In his autobiography "The Making of a Radical," Scott Nearing, writing of 1918 and World War I, observes: "War is an attempt of one group to impose its will upon another group by armed violence. This is the immediate object of a war. But war has wider implications. War offers those in power a chance to rid themselves of opposition while covering up their designs with patriotic slogans."

It is depressing how little has changed in over 80 years. Will we never learn? Will we always be willing to toss away the freedoms that make this country truly unique whenever a period of stress develops?

Very truly yours,


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