Don't listen to scare tactics

To the Editor:

Cal Thomas' recent editorial confuses "Obamacare" (the Affordable Care Act) with the National Health Service in Great Britain. They are not the same thing since the Affordable Care Act requires Americans to purchase private insurance, while the NHS is national health care, health care as a public good.

Thomas may be trying to scare us away from the idea of health care as a public good because while it is NOT what the Affordable Care Act is about, we do hope to have a publicly funded system in Vermont when we establish Green Mountain Care. However, even here, there are differences with the NHS. Under the NHS in Great Britain, physicians are actually public employees. But, under Green Mountain Care, while health care will be publicly financed, the delivery of health care will remain private - physicians will be reimbursed by the "single payer," but they will remain in private practice.

In any case, Thomas is spreading scare tactics about the NHS. Here are a few facts:


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