Donald Trump Is Hurting Coös County

To the Editor:

Donald Trump’s presidency has damaged the Granite State, but nowhere more than in Coös County. He has set back our economy, threatened our health care, and put quality education further out of reach. His management of the Covid-19 pandemic is frightening. Our Country is more divided than I have ever seen. I could easily continue. Coös County is a special place, but four more years of this presidency and more broken promises threaten our future.

Donald Trump has increased economic hardships, breaking his promises to “make our country rich…strong….great.” This recession hit Coös hard. More families struggle as Trump’s economic policies enrich the ultra-wealthy. Workers are being left behind. Despite his promises of a booming economy, the poverty rate has increased. Available jobs often offer an unlivable minimum wage and little or no health benefits. Trump has looked out for corporations, Wall Street and special interests at the expense of blue-collar workers and Main Street. His trade war with China has damaged local industries. Chaotic and ill-conceived policies left Coös Country with an official unemployment rate far worse than the state’s average. If Trump had taken Covid-19 seriously from day one and not weakened our economy with a failed trade war and phony trade deals, our economy would be far stronger. When Donald Trump boasts about a job well done, it proves he has forgotten Coös County.

Donald Trump has threatened our health care, even as he promised that he would replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with “much less expensive, much better health care…something beautiful.” Over the last four years, he has continued to push a lawsuit to repeal the ACA without proposing any alternative. His lawsuit would kick tens of thousands of Granite Staters off health insurance. It would leave the 57,000 Granite Staters enrolled in Medicaid expansion without care, especially damaging Coös County. If it weren’t for the Affordable Care Act, our citizens wouldn’t be able to afford to see their doctor or receive life-saving medication. And yet, Trump has spent his entire administration trying to take our health care from us, with no replacement plan – even now in the middle of a global pandemic. To Donald Trump, our health is something to gamble with to score political points.


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