Dysfunction and Absurdity in the Whitehouse

To the Editor:

From a recent front page article in the Newport Daily Express:

President Joe Biden: Families of separated children deserve compensation.

The real definition of the Biden administration is one of absurdity and dysfunction. What this article does not tell you is that two days prior to declaring it is okay to reward felons, Biden claimed the story was bogus and no payments would ever be issued. Biden was later informed by his office to the contrary making one wonder who is in charge! To reward undocumented immigrants, as much as $450,000 each, both parent and child, for breaking the law, is absurd. Are these illegals really entitled to more than we give to our homeless veterans? or compared to our Gold Star parents who get a one- time payment of $100,000 when they are forever separated from a loved one. Those who lose a family member because an undocumented immigrant commits murder get nothing. This happens weekly, just this week in Utah 2 were killed by an illegal alien. Remember, this is the party of Senators Sanders and Leahy and Rep Welch, and they give their blessings to the Administration’s policies.

As for dysfunction, how about the exit from Afghanistan. At the time, both President Biden and Sec of State Tony Blinken insisted there were fewer than 100 U S citizens left in the country. Since then, we have helped over 450 U S citizens escape and estimates are several hundred more still in Afghanistan. Can those families who still have loved ones left behind expect a financial windfall? This dysfunctional administration exited Afghanistan by moving out the military first and according to the Sec of Defense, Lloyd Austin the troops had to come home for “diversity” training- really! At the expense of U S lives. The US citizens and allies were the last to leave and we left $80 billion worth of defense equipment, including 20,000 Humvees, 30 Blackhawk helicopters, 670,000 AK-47’s and tons of ammunition. A JRROTC commander could have done a better job of surrender.

How about dysfunction at our southern border. This administration, the party of Leahy, Sanders, and Welch, clearly want open borders and have no concern about who and how many cross illegally, including drug and human traffickers. Biden admitted he has never been to the border; Kamala Harris visited a non-essential crossing once and Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorakas has gone once. They do not care. I have listened to Leahy and his “rule of law” for decades, but that only applies to the other party. We have billions of dollars’ worth of steel left at the border while Biden tries to get more money bills passed. Dysfunctional, absurdity and total confusion in the White House.

How about oil and gas prices and beware they will continue to rise. One year ago, the U S was energy independent and now we are begging OPEC to increase production. When asked recently about oil/gas supply, Sec of Energy Jennifer Granholm laughed and stated, “we have no control over gas/oil prices, that is controlled by OPEC.” Really- she is clueless! The US shut down pipelines and stopped all drilling while China is building coal fired plants faster than all other countries combined and ramped up coal production by 100’s of tons. Biden even admitted he does not know how to decrease oil/gas prices.

How about supply chain problems, Pete Buttegieg takes a 90-day family leave in the middle of the worst supply chain debacle we have experienced in decades. He has yet to visit the ports to see the problem while Biden offers a couple of solutions: “work 24/7 and let truck drivers drive at night”. Is he also Clueless? Biden thinks you can snap your fingers and results happen, really!

Has Biden done anything right? He insists “this $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill won’t raise your taxes.” How about for the 50% of the population who does not pay income tax, double their tax rate and it will be more palatable and better than paying $50-$100 per week for inflated prices. We are currently experiencing a 6.2% inflation rate; the worst inflation increases in thirty years.

Remember, this is the party of Leahy, Sanders and Welch and they are part of the problem.

Chet Greenwood

Newport, Vt.


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Eileen Kristoff

Thank you Chet! You're one of the few that has spoken out about the people representing Vt in such a bad way. My thanks again.

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