Egan for Re-election

To the Editor:

As a Franconia landowner, and someone who highly values the WMNF, along with all of New Hampshire’s amazing natural resources and beauty, I’m writing in support of Tim Egan‘s reelection as a representative of Grafton county district number 2.

As a first term member of the house, Tim sat on the Fishing, Game and Marine Resources committee, and his dedication to a clean and healthy environment is clear through his words and his voting record.

Among other things:

He supports continued participation in the regional greenhouse gas initiative, which requires utilities to purchase allowances for every ton of carbon they omit.

He voted for the goal of 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by the year 2050

He supports an expansion on NH commuter rail service, easing congestion of our roadways and reducing pollution.

He voted to prohibit certain single use plastics, in an effort to eliminate all too common Forest and waterway pollutants

He voted to increase the electric generating capacity of customer generators who may participate in the energy metering. Supporting cheaper clean energy.

As one of many who enjoy Grafton county’s finite resources and natural beauty and appreciate the importance of a clean, healthy environment, I confidently endorse Tim in his reelection efforts and I hope the voters will as well.


John Williams

Franconia, N. H.


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